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Dominant Color:
staindedglass, glass beads, copper wire

Hung where the sun can shine through, will make these colors come alive.

This is a Stained Glass butterfly, made with 2 full pieces of stained glass.

The bottom color is a deep purple, with the top color being a lavender. These were cut out by me using a glass ring saw. I then used a diamond coated dremel bit, and drilled a hole for the start off point in the lavender piece. I then used a different ring saw blade to cut out the lines in the lavender piece, so the deep purple would show through.

The lavender colored stained glass is one soild piece of glass. As is the deep purple.

I then used copper wire and strung various shades of glass beads in the center of the butturfly. I have added a heavy copper wire to hang this from.

This measures 5 1/2" wide X 5 1/2" high

This can be made with any 2 colors of stained glass. Just convo me with your color choices, and I would be more then happy to make a different one for you.

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butterfly, lavender, purple, stained glass, copper wire
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Male or Female

The Simplicity of a Butterfly

$20.00 USD
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Seller: sallyscreations  
From Milton, NH, US

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