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2 x 4 inches
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Cotton fabric, stretch cotton, embroidery thread, wool, wood, raffia, beads, crystals

Birthdate: Julai 22nd, 2011 (07/22/11)
Menehune girl Liko is named after the new leaves of the indigenous Hawaiian Ohia Tree which is the first form of life to grow directly out of the hardened black lava. With a big smile on her beautiful face Liko dances the sacred, ancient Hawaiian Hula to honor Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire.
Watch her closely! Liko invites you to enter her sacred space so that your beauty can unfold like the precious new Liko leaves of the Hawaiian Ohia Tree.
Liko’s Tutu (grandmother) wove her Mana (spiritual energy) and Aloha (love) into the Ohia leis Liko wears around her head, wrists, and ankles. The red crystals in her head lei symbolize the precious Lehua blossoms of the Hawaiian Ohia tree which are sacred to Pele, the Big Island’s Volcano Goddess.
Liko is about 3.5” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. She has tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button. Liko wears a grass skirt made out of raffia and red crocheted panties. Her doll stand is crafted out of a small piece of dried and polished Ohia wood.
Liko, her Menehune brother Iki and Honu often watch over their baby sister Maile. Iki tells her stories about the magical forest and Liko dances the sacred Hawaiian Hula until Maile falls into a deep peaceful sleep.

Liko is a one of a kind collectible display doll handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls.
Liko comes with her story and a certificate of authenticity.
Liko carries the spiritual power of Hawaii.

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Liko, the Hula Dancer

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