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3 x 7 inches
Dominant Color:
acrylic yarn

TOPKNOT Spiral Doll is an original creation done to represent the World of Colors. This is a group of 3 Topknot dolls representing the primary colors of Red, Blue & Yellow.

Topknot is a tiny, hand-crocheted doll with a round face about 3" in diameter and is overall 7" in length. The arms & legs are spirals and the spiral topknot gives the doll its name. The features are hand-embroidered and it is crocheted in acrylic yarn.

Fun for children because Topknot is small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack and is 'posable' and playful. It's also a good teaching tool for learning colors.

Terrific for Teens to hang from their backpack, belt or purse as a colorful accent and a whimsical conversation starter.

Great for Grown-ups as a bright & cheerful 'Spot of Color' sitting on your desk or atop your computer.

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Doll, fantasy, fun, colorful, red, blue, yellow, topknot, yarn, handmade, crochet
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Topknot Spiral Doll Primary Colors Set

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