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28 to 30 inches tall inches
Dominant Color:
Natural fibers for both body and costume. Vintage and collectible buttons and trim. Hand painted faces

Hand made, one of kind collectible cloth dolls. Each doll is 28 to 30 inches tall with jointed arms that move. Hand painted faces and unique handmade costumes contribute to my interpretation of the many ethnic backgrounds suggested by my dolls. These dolls are of my own pattern and design. My Raggedy Annie doll is is a more modern version of the traditional doll and would feel at home in your shop or home as a decorating accent.

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collectible, dolls, ethnic inspired
Ideal for: 
Male or Female

One of a kind Handmade Collectible Dolls

$150.00 USD
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Seller: Camas Prairie Collectibles  
From Winchester, ID, US

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