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Dominant Color:
merino wool, silk fibre, beads

Handbag has been wet felted from merino wool around a template and therefore has no seams. The handbag is embellished with embroidery, silk fibre and beads, some of which had been incorporated into the purse during the wet felting process. The handmade felt gives the benefits of being durable, soft and light.
Size approm.15" wide,
19" from the top of the handle to bottom
9.5" deep

Other info: Item unique.
Limited edition pieces

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Local Pickup is Not Available.
Item ships from: St.Leonard on sea, East Sussex, UK.

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    £10.00 GBP by DHL.

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hand made, handbags, organic, unique
Ideal for: 
Male or Female

Pink Rose - Japanese knot handbag (Sold)

£80.00 GBP
  Only 1 available

Seller: Bal Des Fleurs  
From St.Leonard on sea, East Sussex, UK

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