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3/4" oak, maple or cherry

Our cutting boards can be made using oak, cherry or maple and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. We use 3/4" lumber, made in different sizes from 12" wide to a maximum of 18" wide. the length can be made up to a maximum of 24" inches.

The construction will use 3/8" wood dowels to reinforce the wood sections where necessary for strength. The Boards will be machined square and fine sanded with slight bevel edges.

Due to the nature of food preparation the cutting boards will not be stained or finished, Unless a customer requests a specific stain application.

Production time, please allow 2-4 weeks manufacturing time before we ship item.

Shipping Options:

Local Pickup is Not Available.
Item ships from: Maywood, NJ, US.

  • Shipping to US:
    $15.00 USD by USPS. Expedited Rate: $25.00 USD by USPS.

Products purchased from Mference & Co will be shipped first class mail within the continental US.

A customer can request the item to be shipped faster by Priority mail express or overnight , which will then cost approximately $25. within the US.

If in the event we experience delays in production, I will notify the customer of an approximate delivery timeframe to plan by.

All the items we produce on the website have a 30 day money back refund in the event a customer is not satisfied with the purchase.

All CUSTOM made special items are NON refundable, even if they cancel the job before shipping time. Because of the work and time involved we ask that you confirm exactly what you desire to be made prior to construction.

Once work begins on a "special custom project" it becomes binding and NON refundable.

We work with our customers completely to ensure they will receive a satisfying produce they totally like. Any issues that develop we will work closely to resolve so the customer is satisfied.


Payment Methods:

Money Order, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque, Email transfers,
Accepting credit card payments through PayPal

cutting boards, kitchen accessories, food preperation
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Christmas, Cooking
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Any Adult

Oak,maple or cherry rectangular or square cutting boards

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