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Hi graded carbon steel

The stunning master piece which we just lunched,Gurkha Warriors kukri. The Gurkha Kukri warrior curved fighting knife has been called the king of edged weapons. This kukri is the national symbol and constant companion of the great Gurkha Warriors who fought many mighty battles with this weapon. The cut out of this khukuri is an example of the religious symbol of the Gurkha Goddess of Might. The Gurkha warrior means, they are Deadliest Warriors you've never heard of. The Gurkhas are kukri/ knife wielding, pint-size Himalaya mountain fighters who, when outnumbered 2 to 1 by the well-trained British army in the Nepalese War, took on 30,000 troops, slashing through their enemies at lightning speed. The kukri looks like Budhume which is old dynamic shape and called oldest shape of Nepal. The craftsmanship on this knife is amazing so if you are looking for the finest quality khukuri you will not be disappointed. We can use like jungle bush, cutting vegetable, meat, bamboo, wood and so on. The kukri comes with 12 inches blade where the handle is 6.5 inches. The spine is 8mm and the bevel(Edge) is 10mm where the widest part of the blade is 6cm long. The weight of kukri is 7500 grams where the scabbards come with 200 grams. The handle is slightly curve than to our other regular blades whichis very comfortable to catch it. Set of Karda and Chakmak included and high quality small knives (Utility Knife + Sharpener) for better made and tampered than the regular ones. Sides carrying the knife in war time, this blade can be used to chop wood or bone cleaning bushes.

Total length: 16 inch
Size of kukri: 10.25 inch made of carbon steel
Handle: 5.5 inch made of buffalo horn
Two small kukris (Karda and Chakmak)
Weight: 700 Grams with scabbards
Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal
Total shipping weight: 1.5kg (3.5 lbs)
The Kukri comes with two small kukris (karda and Chakmak) and Foldable wooden Display Stand with NO additional charge.

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khukuri kukri knife knives
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Gurkha Warrior khukuri

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