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7 x 11 inches
Dominant Color:
jewelers epoxy, amethyst specimen, stoneware clay

This full sized urn is a quiet, graceful classic form, which holds a beautiful cluster of natural amethyst crystals. Amethyst is believed to promote calmness, balance, patience and peace. Once a year I go to the Bancroft Gem Fair to find the best fossils and crystals. I hand build the urn with a custom sized recess to fit the individual stone. I use jeweler's epoxy to ensure a permanent bond.

The white surface of the urn is terra sigilatta, an ancient Greco Roman method of covering pottery with a ultra-fine clay which is burnished then fired to a lovely sheen.

The urn measures 11 inches high, 7 inches wide and has a 3.5 inch base.
It comfortably holds the volume of a standard temporary cremation container, or a generous 8 cups.

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I try to send out orders the next business day. My urns with mounted crystals or fossils take an extra day as I wait for the jeweler's grade epoxy to permanently cure.

As my wares are breakable, I need to pack them well to limit breakage. I ONLY ship my medium and large urns & sculptures by Xpresspost so they will arrive quickly and safely. If a package arrives damaged, please photograph it before you open it. If the goods inside are broken, please take a pictures and email me them all. Canada Post will only compensate me if the package is damaged. I will refund your shipping & item cost if goods do not arrive intact.

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Male or Female

White Urn with Amethyst Crystal

$299.00 CAD
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Seller: Kawartha Wilds Pottery  
From Trent Lakes, ON, Canada

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