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There have been a lot of changes in my work since the last time I posted here. Jewelry is still my #1 product, however, I have now moved into home furnishings and furniture as well.

What started as a jewelry making business eventually led me to French-inspired furnishings. Essentially I am using old barn wood to repurpose a bench or taking shells found on a local beach to reframe a mirror. I do this for both... Read more
About 2 years ago I got into a habit of repurposing old pieces of wood trim from homes and buildings. Well, I started making these funny little picture frames which not only provided me with a creative outlet, but also gave me a way to practice recycling in its true sense. Each one of those picture frames is handmade, and I go with the flow when it comes to design, etc. The frames are made from bits and pieces... Read more
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Billie Van Guilder
Vancouver, WA, US

Living in the Northwest and having fun creating unique jewelry and furnishings. Vintage/imported items that can be reused or repurposed is the main emphasis of what I do. It's fun and exciting to see people view an old item with a fresh interest.

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