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I am a professional crochet swimwear and hat maker

I am a professional crochet swimwear and hat maker

Handmade Store: Shorah Bikinis

Hello Dear Shoppers/Visitors,

I started knitting and crocheting at a very early age, possibly as young as 8. My mom was very good at knitting, and I grew up watching her knitting lots of sweaters for my siblings and cousins. Yet, nobody around me knew how to crochet. For a long time, it was a dream for me to learn crochet. Finally, I started self-training crochet, as a very young child. As I grew to be a young teenager, I got a good hang of it, and started to observe and learn teaching instructions, on my own. I followed the instructions by doing/undoing many projects, for many years. Finally, when I was 17 I could trust my crochet skills.
Being trapped in an economic sanction (after Islamic Revelation of Iran), I was unable to find the magazines, books, or instruction booklets, I needed to advance my crochet skills. They were banded of being exported to Iran. I never forget what my sister brought me as a gift, while I was hospitalized following a surgery. She got me back to life with a Japaneses book full of crochet doilies with colored photos and instructions!!! This was my winner ticket on getting back to life!! The book was hard to find, yet permitted to be used, by the Islamic government of Iran, as it did not have any human model photos on it! Now, having this treasure, I did not know how to read the book's crochet diagrams. Staring at the beautiful doilies for hours and hours, and trying/retrying the patterns for months and months, finally, I found out the relation/s between the stitches and crochet patterns!!! The discovery was a huge success!!! Because after figuring out the diagrams, I could relate every kind of crochet pattern to its diagram, and figure out the instructions! So, it did not matter if I didn't speak/write/read the language that the book/magazine was written in!

In 1993, the minute we arrived in Canada, one of the very first things I purchased was an "Anna" crochet magazine, and some crochet yarns! Then, I entered the magic world of my own crochet creations! Finally, I found my specialty path....I was already onto designing and making crochet swimsuits! This is the skill that I can confidently admit: I HAVE ALREADY MASTERED! Yet, making fedora hats for men/women/children, and also other crochet outfits are some more crochet skills that I have advanced during all these self-training years. This is how I can take almost any custom made order of crochet swimsuits/hats/outfits.

Thank you very much for your purchase/visit.

Kind Regards,

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Handmade Store: Shorah Bikinis

General Shipping Policy:

I ship all my swimsuits via Canada Post, and will provide you with a tracking number.

Returns & Refunds:

Due to Health & Hygiene Rules and Regulations, set here in Canada, there is no refund/exchange policies on any of my crochet swimsuits.

Payment Methods:

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.