Animal Gifts

Animals come in all shapes and sizes and so do the handmade animal gifts that can be found here. From animal striped jewelry to animal collars and ceramics. There are hats, shirts and other clothing items that immortalize assorted animals and animal characters. Enjoy wonderful greeting cards that will remind us of the bond we, and others, have with our animal companions. So many animal items to choose from.
These gifts are ideal for Animal Remembrance Month, World Animal Day.
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Chinese Works of Art, rare treasures, blue and white dragon patt
Sale! 25% off. New! Chinese Works of...
$510.00 USD
chinese antiques  Birthday Gifts  AnimalFigurine  Ancient Chines
Sale! 25% off. New! chinese antiques...
$486.00 USD
Daisy Mae 10 x 10 inch  Acrylic Painting #6157
Sale! 30% off. Daisy Mae 10 x 10 inch Acrylic...
$52.50 CAD
Handcrafted Resin Cat Trinket Tray Oval #6999
Sale! 30% off. Handcrafted Resin Cat Trinket...
$17.50 CAD
Chinese Works of Art,rare treasures, brass deer, attracting weal
Sale! 25% off. Chinese Works of...
$168.80 USD
Mysterious Eastern creature, brass dragon, 3D handmade, can move
Sale! 25% off. Mysterious Eastern creature,...
$43.50 USD
Red Paws Cornhole Bags
Red Paws Cornhole Bags
$12.95 USD
Girls Wool Knitted Sweater, Animal Jacket, Baby Cardigan (Pink)
Girls Wool Knitted Sweater, Animal Jacket, Baby...
$55.00 CAD
Kids Handknited Embroidered Wool Hoodie (Green)
Kids Handknited Embroidered Wool Hoodie (Green)
$55.00 CAD
Indigenous Leather Bracelet with Metal Animals Decorations
Indigenous Leather Bracelet with Metal...
$95.00 CAD
  • 10 Animal.
  •  Displaying: 1 - 10.