How to avoid Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content means two or more pages in a store that share the same product descriptions and/or product titles. Such pages could be labelled by Google as low quality pages and might not get good rankings in Google search results.

"Most search engines strive for a certain level of variety; they want to show you ten different results on a search results page, not ten different URLs that all have the same content. To this end, Google tries to filter out duplicate documents so that users experience less redundancy." ~ Google

When we compare 2 pages published on iCraft and find that they share same Title or same Description, we flag those pages as "Duplicate Content" in your "My Account" area, so it will be easier for you to spot those pages.

Duplicate Content Icon

This message is displayed only for you, so you could try and make all your listings more descriptive and different from one another as much as possible.
Your customers won't see this message.

How duplicate pages happen?

1) You sell an item and instead of changing the quantity on the product listing, you create a new listing with the
exactly same content. Now we have 2 identical pages – one that says the item is sold and one that says the item is still available for sale.

2) You use the “clone” feature when listing a new product and instead of adding a new product description, you only change the title of the product. So all your products now share the same product description.

3) You copied your products directly from other marketplaces where you sell same products without adding any original content or added value.

Please update pages that our system labelled "duplicate content", if possible.

There is no penalty for duplicate content. If you can't make your listing more descriptive, it's ok.

For additional reading about product copy optimization, please see Wrong Keywords attract wrong traffic or don’t attract any, Choosing Right Keywords is not a Guessing Game and How to write good Product Titles?

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020


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Nov 6, 2021 | NJ Creative Cards

I have sent 2 emails because 3 of my products says its a duplicate and clearly its not. they have 3 different titles and 3 different images. humor me what it can be?

Oct 4, 2018 | Kawartha Wilds Pottery

My duplicate content listings are different colors and designs . . .

May 27, 2016 | Memories

My item that is listed as a duplicate is different size and different floral pattern. Not sure how it is a duplicate


I have accidently duped a few, but it wont let me DELETE any of them! What gives? Getting frustrated!!!

Oct 4, 2015 | Cyndis Sparkles

I an also having issues with "duplicate content"- I want to list multiple sizes (and different prices) I updated title & description on each and still received this error.
This is a 2 fold problem, please assist - I would have to suggest having a drop down option for customers when selling multiple choices on the same product...? Help...

Nov 12, 2014 | North Sun Studio

I was having trouble with my internet connection so a product was submitted twice, but even after deleting the duplicate item I'm still getting a notice of duplication, I edit the description to try and get it updated that way and it still says it's a duplicate. Now what?

Sep 26, 2014 | iCraft Admin

Hi Amy,

"Duplicate content" message is shown only to you, as a helpful hint that your listings could potentially have this issue with Google. We are not saying that they are definitely having this issue, as we can't speak for Google. Nobody else flags duplicate content on their sites, but every site, including Etsy, has this issue, you just don't know that.

To make title and descriptions different, try incorporating "Intended audience", "Holidays & occasions", "Colors", "sizes" etc. into them.

Sep 5, 2014 | AmysLeatherLane

I'm considering cancelling my iCraft account. I'm frustrated because all of products are flagged as duplicate content. I have the exact same content and store on Etsy too and after reading about SEO optimization, I'm not doing myself any favours by having two stores with the exact same content. I have worked hard on my descriptions and titles but how can I really change my content when most of my my products (hair barrettes) differentiate by their design only. Avoiding duplicate content seems to be almost impossible in my case. However, When I search Google images, some of my products come up rather quickly. Perhaps google isn't "on to me" yet! If duplicate content lowers your webpage quality, then wouldn't pinning your products on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all social media be considered a form of Duplicate Content? I'm so confused. Thank you for any help and suggestions.

May 16, 2014 | iCraft Admin

The buyers will never see a "duplicate content" warning. That message is only for you, so you could try to make product titles and product descriptions unique (if possible). It's really up to you how to list your items - you can list one item in various colors and styles as a single or as multiple listings - both ways are good!

May 10, 2014 | Fanztastic Crafts

How do I list something that I have various colors of so that people can purchase the color they want without having it come up as a duplicate item?

Dec 28, 2013 | Carmens Creations

How do I get rid of Duplicate Content and how do I show al y products without that happening. I have girl's hats for sale that are all different styles and colors and they come up as duplicate contents. Could use help?