Choosing a Great Store Name

Name Banner.Your Store Name is part of your Brand!

It should capture the essence your craft, your uniqueness and creativity.

That's also how people will recognize and remember you online. Great store name will help people find you in search results and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of things to consider when choosing your Store Name:


  • Spelling
    • Is it easy to spell and enter into the browser?
    • If you choose to misspell your name, you risk that people will spell it differently too, when searching for you online.
    • You can have multiple words entered with a space.
    • It's actually recommended to separate multiple words with a space. When we create your store URL, we'll replace those spaces with dashes, like this, making it easier for people to read your URL.
    • We also recomment to Capitalize Every Word, for the same reason - easier to read.
      See example below.

      Store Name Example.

    • However, it's not recommended to Capitalize every second letter in a word. It will make it difficult for people to read your name. See example below.

      Store Name Example

  • Length
    • Maximum recommended length is 15 characters. Consider that your store URL will be long too, if you choose a long store name, and it might not look good on your business card.  So the shorter the better. 

  • Originalily
    • You want a name that's memorable!
    • Think want you want to convey through your store name and what you want your customers to feel when they see or hear your store name.
    • Is it easy to remember, original and reflects your style and your product line? If you sell cute, funky, modern, elegant or quirky items, your store name should reflect that too.
    • At the same time, think about using meaningful words that your potential customers can relate to.
    • Just don't use generic terms for your store name like "Jewelry" or "HomeDecor", as you'd be compeating in search with a lot of other sites and pages that use those terms.
    • Invented names sometimes a good alternative, as they can be playful and catchy, and there are less limitations to work with, like trademarks or someone already using it on iCraft.
    • Humor is always good. But test it with others first to make sure others get your humour too.
    • If you are a well-known artist, it's probably best to use your real name, as your store name, as that's how people already know you. Example
  • Availability
    • Search for your chosen name on iCraft first to see if it's taken or not.
    • Then do a search on Google. If you choose a name that's already coming up high in search results for other sites, you will be competing with them for the top position. Think if it's worth it.
    • Also check if your chosen name is already trademarked by others to avoid legal conflicts later.
      Search for pending and registered Canadian trademarks in Canadian Trade-marks Database.
      For US trademarks you can visit US Patent and Trademark Office website to check their Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).


Also, see Changing your Store Name, in case you made a mistake with the name initially.

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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