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19 x 110 cm
Dominant Color:
Paper, wood

Leaf on wooden stand (Iroko wood). New design lamp from our studio brings natural organic shape and so harmonizes most of the rectangular interiors. The way it brings new good feelings from ambient lighting.

Our current production offers a portfolio of eco design lamps made of a special laminated MooDooNano paper, which is being constantly developed in cooperation with NanoGraph paper mill.

Why paper?
Paper, as a natural material, in essence has been our companion for thousands years and throughout our lives. It is a man-processed material, which during its existence has undergone long technological developments, but its basic features remain the same until Today. It has a gift of soul, it loves human touch as well as a touch of light, it is easy to work with it, it is malleable when it should be and it is possible to be cut, torn, bent, folded and printed on with an appropriate motif. Just a small suitably chosen indent and we have a beam, rib the paper loses its flexibility, slight cut with a knife and we have loss of internal tension. If we combine everything together, it becomes a well defined three dimensional structure.

Height: 110cm
Depth: 17cm
Width: 17cm
Shade: Laminated paper
Stand: wire

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Leaf - MooDooNano paper design lamp on wooden stand

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