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What's Your Personality Type?


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« on: June 17, 2009, 03:34:08 am »

I think it's really important to inject your absurd, cute, feisty, passionate, off beat personality into your posts.  How else will your customers get to know you and feel connected and then want to buy your wonderful treasures?  It's like shopping in a store. I am much more likely to do business with someone I like rather than someone who scowls at me sullenly from behind the counter.  Yeah I get that maybe the dog peed in their shoe this morning and they knocked their coffee cup over before they got the first sip but still I have my shopper's preference for honey rather than vinegar.

And out here in the ethereal world of the internet I can't see if you are smiling or cringing.  I get to know you by the pictures you post of your wares and the words you use to describe them.

There are sellers where I feel their passion and enthusiasm the minute I read what they've written about their product or read their profile.  There are people who inject a hint of humour or poetic description, or have slightly off beat descriptions of their product, and I like them immediately. On one site a woman makes the most delightful stuffed animals and her descriptions tell stories of their furry little lives.  It's like reading a story book.  It's entertaining and memorable.

So that's my tip for today.  How do you see yourself?  What do your friends value in you?  Think about that a bit and then inject some of that delicious brew into your posts, even just a little.   And it can take practice.  The more you let the real you shine through the more natural the process becomes.  

And if you're blogging, there's nothing more essential than being a little entertaining.  Just droning on about your stuff makes readers narcoleptic and they will click their way out of there as quick as their sleepy little fingers will allow.  Your mission is to get them to hang out a while and come back soon to see what hi-jinx you're up to.  Tell a story or two, let them in on what your day's like.  Tell them if the dog peed in your shoe or at least some interesting tid bit about your product.  We relate to the human-ness in others.  Somehow it puts us at ease and makes us feel at home.

So I know you are fun and creative and passionate for your craft.  If you're not sharing that authentic you with your customers, think about how you might start doing it.  It just makes life a little more interesting all round.
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