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7 days till Bootcamp Ca


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« on: May 11, 2009, 11:25:23 pm »

I know of lot you aren't quite sure what this Bootcamp thing is all about but are going forward in faith and good attitude.  Awesome!!!

Bootcamp will be about establishing routines and disciplines to do the daily marketing activities needed to keep your business growing.

It will be about encouraging you to make more product to list, and/or updating what you already have in your store.

It will be about meeting some of your online neighbours and icraft family so from hereafter you will always have a support system.

It will include some practical todo's every day that will get the word out about your product out into the world, locally and globally.

Collectively we will try different marketing methods and  advertising (free where possible).

We will be spreading the word about icraft to our customers, to fellow online sellers, to the press... to anyone who will listen!   We are not looking to raid any other site, instead we encourage people to add icraft as a secondary or even their main store for their online business.  We need more sellers! which will bring more product, which will bring more buyers browsing through our stors.

We will try and get everyone including newbies out of the gate with at least one sale.  I hate zero. It looks fat. :x

We will make this fun and interesting with free stuff too.

Lots of good stuff will be happening... and you know what?... some of it will be just because you have a smile on your face, a happier heart and a skip in your walk... that's all about positive attitude and icraft friends that care.

Check back SOON because I'll talk about what should be in your SELLER'S TOOLBOX... starting with business cards.  if you don't have some, get some.  If you need help with design send me a PM I will see if I can hook you up  with a design elf.... then at least you can print some of your own.  Professional ones are best of course. Think big ... get 2000.  Vista has a free card program.

If you haven't signed up for bootcamp yet do so now. This thread here is fine.  If you know someone from another store or an icraft buddy take them by the hand and drag them in.  A lot of sellers from our cousin sites really need a pick me up.  For a 25$ Icraft registration fee they get good value in bootcamp and more importantly...

icraftgifts.com  is a Canadian company that is going to be the leader into Canadian handmade online.  There is a remarkable pent up demand in Canadians  shoppers because they want the same broad product selection that  US shoppers have  but have always feared Cross boarder shopping,  exchange rates,  duties, etc.

icraft admin has really stepped up to the plate and is working hard to make a lot of stuff happen behind the scenes right now as they are anxious to help us ramp it up and be THE FORCE IN THE CANADIAN MARKET.   ... didn't Luke Skywalker say that once? :wink:

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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2009, 12:57:18 pm »

Count me in!  I'd love to brainstorm and learn from othersellers.

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« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2009, 06:48:35 pm »

iCraft will be a leader with US sellers too - I predict!!

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« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2009, 08:04:31 pm »

Yes I too  believe icraftgifts.com will be a force in the US market too!

Then all  icraft sellers that are  members right now will say, " see.... we told you so, aren't you glad you got in at the ground floor!"...

 ...Especially all of us bootcampers. We're gonna grin from ear to ear!   Cheesy  Cheesy  Cheesy
Kimberly Hansen

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« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2009, 03:40:06 pm »

I'm just not sure what to do next!  But, if anyone feels like being my leader til I get the hang of things, I'M IN AND READY!

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« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2009, 05:03:30 pm »

LOLOLOL!!! We'd love to be your leader.

Jump in... we'll get you to where you should be.



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« Reply #6 on: October 30, 2009, 05:01:53 pm »

I've told a bunch of etsybloggers about icraft and the sellers' bootcamp.   Cheesy   And I know some have come and looked over the site.  Hopefully we can get some more.    :wink:  
Can't wait to start!  {:-Deb

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« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2009, 01:20:22 am »

Wow... thanks for putting the word out!

Looking forward to getting going too... I need some oomph and it is always so much fun to do it with others!!!



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« Reply #8 on: October 31, 2009, 08:04:30 pm »

Glad to get started again! Lets make this a successfull holiday season while providing wonderful quality handmade items!   :wink:

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« Reply #9 on: November 01, 2009, 01:11:01 am »

Glad to see you on board again.  Yahoooooooo!


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