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Halloween and Fall Store Set up

Marina Zub

Posts: 18

« on: August 30, 2018, 01:07:38 pm »

Hi iCrafters!

I love every aspect of autumn: colorful leaves, warm sun, apple and pumpkin harvest, early street lights and long nights. I love Halloween time especially. I love the opportunity to decorate my house in a funky way and dress up as my favorite horror movie hero. I love the pumpkin pie and turkey too. And I love sales, like many other people!

September is the time when thousands of people are searching for how to decorate their houses and how to dress up for the Spooky night. We want one of those people to lend on your product page!

To make people find your product is only a half of success. You also need your product description to be convincing enough to make them want to buy it.

Here is the list of what you can do to catch people's attention during our Halloween and Fall Promo Campaign:

1. Post Halloween and Fall themed items in your store. (not on hold, not hidden)

2. Update your price and place a few items on sale, if possible.

3. Create Product Sets to encourage people to buy more than 1 item! Think which items from your store could go well together? E.g. Hat and mittens,  pumpkin and candles etc.

4. Create coupons for Halloween items and share them on social media.

What kind of items do you think to release in your store?
What kind of promotions do you think will attract more buyers?
Maybe you have a special way how you are preparing for Halloween (handmade home decor, costumes DIY tips) which you like to share with others and want to create a blog post about that?

Please, share your Halloween and Autumn ideas here!
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Marina Zub

Posts: 18

« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2018, 01:10:46 pm »

And by the way, we have an exciting opportunity for you to write a blog post, where you can share your ideas, tips, tricks on Halloween costume creation, on home decor or something else related to the Halloween and craft theme.

After the blog post-approval and editorial (we should make sure that the blog post is visible to the search engine), we will link it to your products and your store, so people who are interested in your craft can easily find you.

p.s. if you are interested to know how the blog articles can help you to grow your online business and attract new buyers, post a "+" sign in comments, will see how many of us are there. If there will be more than 10 "+"s, I will do the special email letters with the info on it.
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