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Reminder about Sales Promo Tools

iCraft Admin

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« on: June 06, 2018, 04:11:56 pm »

Hi guys,

I noticed that not many people use our sales promotional tools, so I wanted to remind you of some of them.

Items on Sales & with Free Shipping
We have special categories on the site that we often promote through our channel.
Right now, we don't have a lot of items listed there. See if you could offer some discounts or free shipping on your items. Your items would automatically show up in these lists

"Thank You" Coupons
You can easily setup "Thank You" Coupon here https://icraftgifts.com/member_discount_thank_you_coupon_detail.php to encourage repeat purchases.
Here is the link to the main Coupons section https://icraftgifts.com/member_discount_coupons.php where you can create different types of coupons and then give them to people at trade shows or through social media.

Product Sets & Discounts
Using product sets, sellers can pair up matching products, offer additional discounts to their customers and encourage sales of multiple products. See how product sets are displayed on the product page https://icraftgifts.com/handmade/9350/lake-sunset-and-forest-algonquin-park-photo-print-8-x-6.php
You can create your product sets here https://icraftgifts.com/member_product_sets.php

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