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Submit your ideas for My Account redesign

iCraft Admin

Posts: 1671

« on: July 27, 2016, 11:37:18 am »

Hey guys,

We are planning a whole bunch of improvements for My Account area.
The goal is to streamline the key tasks for our sellers - store setup (for new sellers), product updates, bulk operations, like apply a shipping profile or change categories / target audience to a number of products at once.
We've also been getting complains about slow page load on Product Edit page.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements?
Have you been experiencing problems in My Account area?
What do you normally do when you login and go to My Account?
Is anything missing? What are you pain points?
What's on your Wish list?  Wink

Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

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« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 12:22:35 pm »

I have some suggestions:

1.  For product sets, allow a promo picture.  If the set can be used together, such as my Canada wine glass charms, coasters, and bookmark, it would be nice to include a shot of all three together but not as a product.

2.   A resource area that lists what each of the different categories, occasion, holidays, and special days.  I find it takes me a long time to go through the list, especially the special days.  There are so many combinations I sometimes wonder if there is another category I could be using.

3.  I would also like to be able to download my products in spreadsheet format, in bulk and include either the photos or number of photos, to check that I have entered all of the fields correctly and consistently. I can see easily where I have left something blank, not entered enough information, or should use the same categories, etc for similar products.  See where I haven't uploaded enough photos or should replace some that are not clear.

4.  I'm not sure if this has been corrected.  When a product on sale has expired, the percentage, day and month remain but the year is "----" I think.  When we next update the product, it won't update until these are cleared.

5.  A product set up area.  If we generally use the same categories for products, we can set them up so that when we select a specific category, selected fields are entered.  We could create a standard product set up filling in what fields we want and then save it.  When a new product is set up, we could select a "Product" category to begin with.  For instance, shipping options.  Mine are standard for most items.  I only have one other option so we would need the ability to change the options if necessary.  I can expand on this further if you like.

6  Ability to link product photos to display on a product page.  For instance, if a potential buyer views an item that is part of a product set, we can link each individual product with the set.  This could be displayed under the area "More from this store" with a title such as "Promotion for this Product"  The other option would be to have a few categories that we could select to add photos to.  For instance, if someone selects a "Get Well Card" and the seller has 5 options, a category could be created for "Similar Products" and photos of the linked products would display here.

Hope this helps

iCraft Admin

Posts: 1671

« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2016, 12:10:05 am »

Hi Elizanne,

Thanks for your feedback!  Kiss
I have a few questions though.

1. Where would you see this promo picture for a set? Right now you can see all 3 product thumbnails within a set on the product details page.
2. I assume that resource need to be accessible from the same page where you are picking categories.
3. Yes, absolutely!
4. No, not corrected, but its on our list too.
5. We were thinking of the same problem but from a Bulk operation perspective, so you could select all or some products and apply any settings to them without going to individual pages. What do you think about that?
6. I agree with promoting similar products on all product pages. As for Sets, we are already doing that, showing all products from the same set on the product pages. So I am not sure about your comment here.

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« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2016, 10:34:12 am »

I will try to respond tomorrow with more details.
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