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The Best of the Best Blogging Tips for Killer Content


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« on: November 25, 2009, 11:46:37 am »

With icraft's Blog Central, starting and maintaining a blog is just so much easier for all of us.  

Chris Brogden is one of the leading blogging experts and here are his 40 tips for killer blog content.  Here is a link to it although I will copy the BASICS below ...  http://ow.ly/DTBf

   1.  Brevity rules. Can you say it briefly?
   2. Make the main point in the first paragraph.
   3. Use small words. You donít have to impress people. Be clear.
   4. Analogies help people understand things better.
   5. So do stories.
   6. You donít have to write complete sentences, even though your teacher taught you to do that. But treat it sparingly. Like this. Like a condiment.
   7. Keep paragraphs small, if possible. We balk at large blocks of text.
   8. Make your point from the readerís side of the fence. Who's your audience?
   9. Depending on how you write, go back and see if you can cut out more. Reduce. Reduce. Reduce.
  10. Use the word youíre thinking about, not a fancier, or more polite word.

Concepts and the Bigger Picture

  11. Set up series of posts, even if you donít call them a series. Make a post that brings up follow-on points from a previous post, and link back to that post to reinforce the original content.
  12. Get your inspiration from reading. #1 source for my ideas comes from other blogs not in my space.
  13. Think strategically, if this is for business or a cause. Ask yourself what you want your reader to do next. Try to write from that point of view.
  14. Theme-wise, writing very helpful things that people can use is way better than writing thoughtful things that make people think and just walk away. You can have thoughtful but not helpful, but youíre striving for helpful and thoughtful in the same piece.
  15. Never write the me-too blog. Look to be ahead of the wave and feeding backwards, not behind the wave and eating someoneís wake.
  16. Look for ways to think forward, but that tie to your business interests. When I write about the future, Iím also inviting someone to make that future with me.
  17. Mix it up. Keep an editorial calendar and note what kinds of posts youíve written lately. Thought posts? Lists? Interviews? Make sure youíre mixing up the type of post youíve written lately.
  18. Consider the occasional dip into Google Trends to write a story that might draw new audience to your conversation. Donít do this all the time, because the gimmick can wear off quick. Again, think condiments, not meals.
  19. If you donít have anything interesting to blog, skip a day. Donít skip many days.
  20. And never never never (raise your hand and repeat this with me) ďIĒ (state your name) ďsolemnly swear never never never never ever to post another ĎIím sorry I havenít blogged latelyí posts ever again. Ever.Ē


  21. Consider your audience but write from your passion.
  22. Donít mince words. If itís a ďpissing match,Ē itís not a disagreement.
  23. Ask questions. Blogs are conversations starting and flowing. Ask. Questions.
  24. Link to people. If you write about Steve Garfield, link to Steve Garfield.
  25. Itís not all about your blog. Get out and comment on other peopleís blogs. Often.
  26. Leave a few ideas unfinished. Ask for input. It always improves a piece. Blogs are great for that.
  27. Use tags. Lots of tags. Make sure you claim your blog with Technorati, and submit it with Alltop.
  28. Make sure your blogís URL is everywhere: in your email signature, in Facebook, in Flickr, in Twitter, in every outpost you can think about.
  29. Donít email, DM, and otherwise push every blog post you write to other people. Share the best ones. Let the others be found on their own merits.
  30. Always know why youíre doing what youíre doing. Question yourself often. Look for ways to improve the game.


  31. Comment back to the people who have left comments.
  32. Follow those peopleís links sometimes and go explore their blog.
  33. Look for ways to empower the community you inspire.
  34. If you havenít found your community yet, keep looking, searching, and connecting.
  35. Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Itís no longer okay not to know even the most basic things.
  36. Find great Creative Commons photos and use them for your post (with attribution).
  37. Deconstruct what your favorite writers do, and try it your own way.
  38. Occasionally, try something completely different.
  39. Donít be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not being interesting enough.
  40. Write as if someone believes in you, because someone does. (me!)

Chris Brogan advises businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value. You can reach him at:blog at chrisbrogan.com

You might want to sign up for Chris Brogan's newsleters at http://ow.ly/DTBf

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« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2009, 10:34:47 pm »

Thanks for sharing the find.
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