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It's no secret in my house that I have an addiction. However, I am surrounded by enablers. It's pretty harmless actually. I love pretty papers and colourful card stock . I can't get enough of it.

The problem is that my inventory far outweighs my production ability. So I try to place self imposed limits on myself. I want to make sure that I am really and truly maximizing the current papers I have,... Read more
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Cardamama (aka deleted Cardamama )
Saint John, NB, Canada

Not a day goes by that I'm either making cards, thinking about making cards, or selling cards. Truly, I have a problem but I don't mind. My craft room is my little bit of heaven and I am not about to run out of supplies to make my cards with. Which reminds me, every card you buy from me goes to keep well stocked in papers and sparkly things. So please, feed my addiction if you must. Thanks!

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