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Pyrography (wood burning: drawings on wood)
Welcome! A store with unique home decor/gifts that entail wood burned items such as keychains, magnets, coasters, and signs.

Pyrography (wood burning: drawings on wood)

Handmade Store: Country Roads Pyrography

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I own/operate the store Country Roads Pyrography. I am also the artist who makes and sells pyrography products. What is pyrography? Simply, it's the art of drawing on wood with a very hot pen also known as wood burning. The pen I have gets so hot that it melts into the wood, which leaves a black engraved pattern on the wood. I make a variety of wood products such as: key chains, refrigerator magnets, table signs, wall signs, coasters, picture frames, and Christmas ornaments. I've also done some custom orders where a person has built something from wood (shoe rack, blanket chest, farm sign, and toy box) and I wood burned their requests. Custom orders are welcome!

Pyrography is a very time consuming but relaxing hobby that I've been doing for the past 3 years and I love it! How did I get into wood burning? I became acquainted with such a small field because I had always had an interest in wood working since my grandfather was excellent at making toys and furniture from wood. I never pursued the hobby because I had thought that wood working only consisted of the things that he made like tables, candle holders, and dollhouses. Unlike my grandfather, I was not very skilled at assembling things; I'm more like my grandmother, who was great at decorating, crafting, and just making things beautiful (especially quilts). I didn't pursue the hobby of wood working until after my grandfather's death March 2016. My grandfather left my sisters and I his home and all of the things inside the home so the first place I went was his wood workshop in the garage. While going through his workshop, my sister and I found a wood napkin holder that he made with burned designs on it. The design was simple but added an extraordinary perspective to this ordinary napkin holder. So, I did a little research on wood burning, got my first wood burning pen, and began making different items starting out with simple designs like silhouettes then progressing to more detailed items. Pyrography was a way to pursue a style of wood working that I was relatively decent at! This was also a way to continue my family heritage by combing my grandfatherís wood working skills and my grandmotherís crafting skills into one beautiful craft.

And 3 years later I'm still going strong with it, which makes it the longest hobby I've ever done with the exclusion of running. I love wood burning because it is a way to continue my family heritage and I not only like seeing the outcomes of my products but the enjoyment and happiness that customers get from them!

If you're considering taking up pyrography as a hobby (or more) just message me and I'll give you some advice! It's a great hobby to pursue and I encourage everyone to try it.

Thanks for looking at our store! :)

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Personalized Dog Magnets,Wood Fridge Magnets,Wood Burned
Personalized Dog Magnets,Wood Fridge...
$14.99 USD
Compass Mountain and Camping Scene Key Chain,Wood Burned Keyring
Compass Mountain and Camping Scene Key...
$7.99 USD
Home Sweet Home Chickadee Bird Magnet,Wood Fridge Magnet
Home Sweet Home Chickadee Bird Magnet,Wood...
$12.99 USD
Pine Tree Coasters,Wood Drink Coasters,Nature Coasters,Woodburn
Pine Tree Coasters,Wood Drink Coasters,Nature...
$26.99 USD
Funny Coffee Coaster,Coffee Table Coasters,Wood Drink Coasters
Funny Coffee Coaster,Coffee Table Coasters,Wood...
$6.99 USD
Mountain Scene Wood Sign,Woodland Wall Sign,Wood Burned Signs
Mountain Scene Wood Sign,Woodland Wall...
$44.99 USD
Funny Wine Coaster, Wood Table Coaster, Wine Bar Coaster
Funny Wine Coaster, Wood Table Coaster, Wine...
$6.99 USD
Sunflower Magnet,Wood Magnets,Gifts for Mom,Sunflower Decor
Sunflower Magnet,Wood Magnets,Gifts for...
$9.99 USD
Woodland Welcome Table Sign, Pine Tree Decor, Wood Burned Signs
Woodland Welcome Table Sign, Pine Tree Decor,...
$14.99 USD
Cute Turtle Magnet,Inspirational Quote Magnet,Uplifting Gifts
Cute Turtle Magnet,Inspirational Quote...
$11.99 USD
Dogs Make Life Better Magnet, Dog Bone Magnet, Dog Paw Prints
Dogs Make Life Better Magnet, Dog Bone Magnet,...
$7.99 USD
Horse Decor, Wood Horse Magnet, Horse Lovers Gift,Wood Burned
Horse Decor, Wood Horse Magnet, Horse Lovers...
$7.99 USD
Seize the Day Magnet,Funny Fridge Magnets,Fisherman Gifts
Seize the Day Magnet,Funny Fridge...
$10.99 USD
Compass Wood Signs,Woodland Wall Signs,Mountain Scene Decor
Compass Wood Signs,Woodland Wall Signs,Mountain...
$24.99 USD
Wooden Gone Fishing Sign,Gone Fishing Decor,Fisherman Gifts
Wooden Gone Fishing Sign,Gone Fishing...
$24.99 USD
Wooden Gone Fishing Magnet,Gone Fishing Decor,Fisherman Gifts
Wooden Gone Fishing Magnet,Gone Fishing...
$10.99 USD
Mama Bear Magnet,Mama Bear Decor,Woodland Animal Magnets
Mama Bear Magnet,Mama Bear Decor,Woodland...
$7.99 USD
Happy Camper Magnet,Happy Camper Decor,Camping Lover Gifts
Happy Camper Magnet,Happy Camper Decor,Camping...
$11.99 USD
Wooden Sunflower Keychain,Sunflower Decor,Unique gifts for Mom
Wooden Sunflower Keychain,Sunflower...
$8.99 USD
Sunflower Keychain,Sunflower Decor,Gifts for Mom,Wooden Keychain
Sunflower Keychain,Sunflower Decor,Gifts for...
$7.99 USD
Pine Tree Magnet,Woodland Kitchen Decor,Wood Refrigerator Magnet
Pine Tree Magnet,Woodland Kitchen Decor,Wood...
$8.99 USD
Woodland Wedding Table Sign, Pine Tree Sign, Wood Burned Items
Woodland Wedding Table Sign, Pine Tree Sign,...
$8.99 USD
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