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In my last article, I showed you how to incorporate photos of your products into your store banner design. The working example was a banner for a jewelry shop. The photo we used in the banner was a grouping of handmade earrings.

Another method of incorporating your product into your shop banner and avatar is to scan your artwork into your computer. Of course, this method works best for those with flat products that are small enough to be scanned, such as bookmarks, paper goods (cards etc.), rubber stamp samples, artist’s prints and photography. Once we have the artwork scanned into the computer, there are a few ways that we can proceed.

Miniature Products

This method is very similar to the process that we discussed in the previous article and consists of reducing the scanned images into miniature versions of the originals and building your banner design around them. For example, a card artist could easily scan several cards with a variety of styles or themes into the computer.

Once scanned and reduced in size, you will arrange the “miniatures” into a loose grouping. As we did in the previous article, you will balance this grouping on one side of the banner and your business name on the other.   

Scanned Artwork Banner

Artwork Is The Banner Design

Another way to incorporate scanned artwork into a banner design is to use that artwork AS the design. A good example of this is the banner and avatar on the iCraft Pauseability Store. As you can see, the artist repeats the “And the Moon Rose” illustration in the store banner and the “Meow and Fish” artist trading card print in the avatar. 

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