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I‘m starting bootcamp on Monday, at, a Canadian-based online marketplace. It's an international site, which launched in November 2007. Anyone who creates their own arts and crafts can sell at iCraft. The site is different than Etsy - no commission on sales. And similar in that they use the same payment methods... basically PayPal, with checks and money orders allowed.

I plan to write a series this month, telling you my experiences at bootcamp. This is actually the third Sellers' Bootcamp they‘ve done - it's called "Marketing Program for Creators." I'm really excited about learning new marketing techniques, and plan to pass on some good tips, so stay tuned! You can read more about bootcamp yourself; let me introduce you to

the Program Creator


Marketing Advisor

Haven't heard of iCraft before? I hadn't either, until about a week ago. Their avatar is all over Project Wonderful (I believe they're on my page) - I call that support from your homebase! There's a one-time fee of $25 to register at iCraft. This let's you set up an exhibit page, with up to 5 items. That's what I did, but I might decide to "exhibit" more items later. You can take advantage of their sliding fee scale:

Starter - up to 50 items ($5.00 CAD/month)
Professional - up to 100 items ($10.00 CAD/month)
Elite - up to 150 items $15.00 CAD/month)

To participate in the bootcamps, you have to pay the registration fee. If you do join, I would appreciate you using my referral key, 2ba7996a0c. Using this referral key will earn you 6 months free of unlimited product postings and give me points, that can used for free months too.

Until next time, this is the storybeader in her workshop in storyland.

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