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As a crocheter I love nearly everything I make so much I want to keep it forever .

This leads to a problem though. We can really only use so many blankets, sweaters, cup cozies, coasters, doilies, and so on. Everyone I know has received one or maybe two as a gift, and I have donated a great many and randomly gifted more blankets to complete strangers. Somehow I am still left with a stack of finished items.... Read more
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9 Mile Crafts (aka 9 Mile Crafts )
Simla, CO, US

Hello, I am Joetta, Owner and Creator of Crochet and knit items at 9 Mile Crafts. It is more than just my store. It is the story of my life. 9 Miles Itís what Iíve been through, all nine miles of trouble and back again. Iíve rode the economy up and down from the point where I slept in my car with a toddler to purchasing my own home. I was a single parent for a long time and have now been a wife with children for an equally long time. In 2007 I went from fully functional able bodied primary bread winner to being chronically ill and disabled. Eventually my family moved to a very very small town and then relocated 10 miles or so down the road to a slightly larger small town. I grew up in an extended family with people affectionately known as grandparents and even great grandparents. They made things and they taught me to make things. When I was 9 baseball became my passion, 9 was my jersey number, I stopped making things. When I was 29 and needed a gift for my 8 year old, I started making things again and never stopped. 9 Miles is also what locals call the road leading out of our small town, a rail stop that now exists near where I grew up, and the miles per gallon our ancient 1970ís RV gets. I have run out of room in the house and am now moving my crocheting into said RV. It may have a short life as a craft caravan because my husband dreams of a gypsy wagon but itíll do for now. As you can see the number 9 Is important to the story of my life in many ways, as for the miles it really comes from our rural location, the local road, and my desire to have more than just the whole nine yards. Now itís my store name so Welcome to 9 Mile Crafts. Where we can take handmade gifting to the nines!

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