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Cow Bay, NS, Canada

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Jewellery, Clay Artwork, Penguin Kisses, Guin

Handmade Store: Wynsome Creations

•Slogan• "Paying it forward with Wynsome Creations & PenGuin Kisses!"

Specializing in clay miniatures & the birth place of PenGuin Kisses, original sculptures! No molds are ever used, so they are one of a kind, just like you! Each piece is made with great patience & love, & most can be personalized for free!

BUY MORE, SAVE MORE! US customers get FREE SHIPPING when they purchase 5 PenGuin Kisses creations! Canadian customers need only purchase 4 to receive FREE SHIPPING!

FLAT RATE SHIPPING! All orders are insured and original shipping cost receipt (Canadian orders will receive a tracking number)! Find out about shipping reimbursement by clicking on our store policies!

About My Company:

I created this business to do my part in the world and bring as many smiles to as many faces as possible and therefore help to make it a better place. How exactly is it that I plan to do this? By one PenGuin Kiss, one Wynsome Creation at a time. It may sound pretty ambitious (and silly), but that’s my goal. You see, happiness is contagious and this is my personal way of spreading it. Why is this all so important to me? Aside from the fact that I was born and raised to care about and be considerate of those around me, I know that happy people are about 95% more likely to be kinder, more compassionate, therefore more willing to help those around them when they are happy. I say 95% because some people are just too selfish or self-absorbed, to put in the small extra effort it takes to open a door for someone, no matter what mood they’re in. In short, I’m just “paying it forward”. After all, isn’t that what life is really about?

My love & many thanks to all of my supporters/clients. Without you, none of this could be possible *gives you a big squeeze* ;)

Please check out www.WynsomeCreations.com for more information and upcoming products!

-~- The Fictitious History of Guin -~-

Guin is a great thespian (a fancy word for "actor" ;)) and as such is a brilliant master of disguise! He loves flattery (but not too much, as he is easily embarassed and prone to blushing), hamming it up for the camera, and pistachios. But most of all, he loves bringing a smile, a laugh, a chuckle, a snortle (it's a bit of a snort/chuckle combination, you know the one), or any other expression of merriment to his beloved audience and everyone else he meets. After all, that is why he got into show business in the first place ;) So please, sit back and enjoy the unfolding of Guin's journey to international stardom and pick up a piece of memorabilia for yourself, or someone you care about!

-~- "The PenGuin Brief" - A Movie Trailer For Your Imagination -~-

*Cue classic, movie announcer voice, suspensful music fades in*..."Guin Pengington stars in "The PenGuin Brief", as young precocious lawyer, Garby Chaw, who stumbles upon a conspiracy that will result in the devastation of the entire PenGuin nation - the endangerment of pistachios! Will Garby be able to find the evidence he needs to stop the conspirators? Will anyone believe him, if he does? 'The PenGuin Brief' *the music abruptly stops at the cue of a single, resonanting strike of a low-tom drum*...coming this fall to a theater near you."...*your Mind's Eye fades to black a.k.a the trailer ends*

NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: Hello, my Lovlies! I just wanted to pop by to make sure that everyone knew that the above "Fictitious History of Guin" is just that - a bit of fancy - a look into the imaginary world that I am creating for Guin...or is he creating it for me? I think it's a joint effort at this point ;) Anyhoo, I just didn't want anyone to wonder why they can't hop off somewhere and download Guin's "lastest cinematic adventure" ;) But hey, who says I won't bring that into reality too? You just never know with me ;

ANOTHER NOTE: The above history and note is an exerpt taken from a reserved listing for a "from the bottom up" custom order that I created for a very special client and is just an example of something that makes my work stand out from some of my peers.

When you purchase a PenGuin Kiss, you become the proud owner of a little creation that isn't just adorable and unique, but one that has been skillfully handcrafted with high quality materials, lots of love and patience, and even comes with an original story and personality that no one can ever recreate (and not just because Guin's copyrighted ;)).

Please note that I am a stay-at-home mom to a nearly 2-year-old little sweet pea, so some special orders may take a little longer than others, but will be completed in a timely fashion - typically between 2 to 7 days.

Buy with confidence! I would rather ship an order a day late than sell something I would not buy myself! Please let me know if you would like a photo of your personalized work sent to you BEFORE I ship it for your approval - I am happy to oblige.

About The Owner/Head Artist:

Amanda is a 29-year old self-taught artist and "mompreneur". She lives in the beautiful, lush province of Nova Scotia, with her husband, 1-1/2 year-old daughter, and Shih Tzu mix, Nugget.

For more about me and my mompreneurial adventures, check out my blog, Mompreneurial Musings, at www.WynsomeCreations.wordpress.com !

Don't forget to pop by www.WynsomeCreations.com to see what's up and coming!
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Valentine's Day
Cheer Up!
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Valentine Kissy Face Guin - Red Glitter Heart - Personalize
Valentine Kissy Face Guin - Red Glitter Heart -...
$24.00 CAD
Gasping Guin - Eek - Shock - Surprise - Disgust
Gasping Guin - Eek - Shock - Surprise - Disgust
$24.00 CAD
  • 2 Items.
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Handmade Store: Wynsome Creations

General Shipping Policy:

All ready-made orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days after payment has been received. ♦ SHIPPING: We have $10 flat-rate shipping, so our customers enjoy combined shipping at NO extra charge! All orders are insured and shipped with tracking numbers, which will be provided to you in your shipping confirmation message. Also, along with your purchase(s), you will find an authentic duplicate of the receipt from the post office (this is printed from the debit machine, not a photocopy - I keep the original/first receipt for my records), detailing the cost of shipping and, in some cases, partial packaging of your order. This is to prove that I do not make money off of shipping costs and in fact pay part of the cost myself. ♦ SHIPPING REIMBURSEMENT: Customers with orders totaling less than $10 in shipping & handling costs will have the difference, equal to, or greater than $2.50 fully reimbursed via PayPal! ♦ CANADA: Orders, unless another option is requested, will be sent as an Expedited Parcel via Canada Post. Estimated time of arrival is 3 to 7 days within Western Canada. All customers will be provided with a tracking number. ♦ CONTINENTAL US: Orders, unless another option is requested, will be sent as Small Packet Expedited via Canada Post. This includes a tracking number and an arrival time of 5 days! ♦ EVERYWHERE ELSE: Orders, unless another option is requested, will be sent as Small Packet Air via Canada Post. Estimated time of arrival is 6 to 10 days, as currently stated by Canada Post. ♦ Duty Fees: Unfortunately when something crosses a border, or an ocean there is a chance that customs will slap a customer with a fee which must be paid when the item is picked up. Our sympathies (we've paid them ourselves), but we cannot tell a customer whether, or not this will be the case when they purchase an item and cannot be held responsible should it occur.

Returns & Refunds:

Return only within: 14 Days
Refund: Money Back
All sales are final after 14 days, except in the event that delivery time surpasses this time period - these situations will be dealt on a case by case basis.

ORDER CANCELLATION: All custom/personalized orders cannot be cancelled after 12 hours. Ready-made/ready-to-ship orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours. Qualifying customers will have their full complete refunds sent via PayPal within 24 hours. My apologies for the inconvenience that this may cause.

DAMAGED GOODS: All of my clay creations are properly cured and therefore, do not typically shatter, but make a "clean break" and can be easily repaired with Krazy Glue, or a similar product. However, if the piece is damaged beyond repair, a photo of the damaged object must be emailed to me at wynsome_creations@hotmail.com, before a refund can be issued. Refunds will be given via PayPal.

LOST ORDERS: In the event that your order is lost, a replacement, if possible, or a complete refund will be offered.

Payment Methods:

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.