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Digital Art

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I'm Steven Lareau, a self taught digital artist, working with Flame Fractals, a form of Math Art. I'm an artist who lives with bipolar disorder, one side of it is the hellish madness of overwhelming depression and mania, and the other side of it is having an overly creative mind. Iím one of those proverbial moody, difficult, highly creative types. Iím constantly driven to create, I make art because I have to, it's what I do best, Iím driven to explore, to create, to find out just how far I can push an idea. I never sit down with an idea in mind and then set out to create what I envision. Instead, I start with something quite random and fine tune it into something beautiful. It's more of a process of exploration than creation.

With math art, you need a starting point, so I begin each piece with a series of random numbers which assign parameters like shape, sharpness or fuzziness, color distribution, and repetition of pattern. Once I get a starting point, hours are spent changing the shapes, as well as the colors and the way theyíre spread out through the fractal's form. I spend long hours changing things around until it looks good to my eye.

As I explore the different forms in fractals, Iím constantly fascinated by the familiar patterns Iíve seen in nature. Flower shapes, spiral galaxies, branching trees, forked lightningó these are all natureís patterns, and fractals are a mathematical description of these very forms. Computer software allows me to reinterpret these patterns, allowing me to present this information in a different, visually pleasing way.

The most difficult part of this process is deciding when a piece is finished. The nature of the artwork I create can never be finished: it can be taken from one point and go off into infinite directions, each minor tweak I make changes the overall look. The challenge is to work up to a certain point that I like, save it, and move on. Most of the time I branch out into many different directions, saving each step along the way. The images I present here are fragments of an incredible journey I've taken, a snippet of time from the visions I discover.

There are thousands of images online in my galleriesóeach piece is a small segment of my explorations. I really enjoy showing people something theyíve never seen before, and something they will never see again. I am like a mad scientist toiling away late into the night, exploring as many directions as I can, and I bear witness to some very beautiful things. I find it sad that the world can't pull up a chair behind me and watch me work, to see the wondrous things I discover. By making prints of my artwork, Iím making it possible for you to take a fragment of my explorations home with you to enjoy forever. To me, thatís an incredibly cool thing to be able to do, to share a slice of what I am driven to do every day with the world. The organic visions I discover every day are too wonderful not to share. I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

Steven Lareau
Clinton, Tn
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I am an artist who does things right. I use archival inks and papers, archival mats and backing boards, and archival plastic sleeves to protect the print.

I invested in my own wide format Epson printer, so I can control the quality of each print. if it's not perfect, it'd destroyed and another is made until it looks perfect.

I prepare and package my artwork with great care, it will arrive in perfect condition. I want you to be happy with my creations, and do everything possible to give you the best quality print, one that you'll enjoy. My listings are as accurate as possible, the image you see is as close to the actual print as possible, although there are differences in the way monitors display images.

My work is typically set against a black background, to provide contrast. There are parts of each image that gradually fade into the background, and this is by design. In some images, there are "ghosts" in the background, thin filaments of the design, barely visible, but these are intentional. I hide secret things in the darkness, you can only see them when you're up close and taking in the fine detail of the image. This thin lines and tendrils are NOT defects, or scratches in the print, they're part of the image itself.

Rest assured, I go over every inch of every print I make after it comes out of the printer, again when it's matted or mounted or framed, and again just before it's either slipped into a protective plastic sleeve or framed, and again when it's completely finished.

I am obsessive with my work, but as a result, you can own a perfect print. If for any reason you aren't happy with it, return it, packing it as safely as I sent it to you.

Since I go to great length to properly prepare and package it, if it's damaged during shipping to you, take it up with the shipper.

If it arrives here safely and intact, I will refund your purchase price, minus shipping charges to you and back to me. That's only fair.

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