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Personalized 3D Printed Items

Handmade Store: The3DPrintingMan

Welcome to!

My wife (May) and myself (Tim) have turned a hobby with a single 3D printer into a small side business with over 20 machines currently in use in our basement! I design, prep, pack, and do machine maintenance and May takes care of printing networking and some social media outreach.

Melting a lot of plastic creates a lot of heat. In the middle of winter, our basement is over 90 degrees!

All this heat means a lot of electricity, so we've covered the roof of our house in solar panels to help offset the energy cost of our store. We haven't had them long enough to say for certain that we run 100% on renewable energy, but at the least we're very close!

3D printing can also produce a lot of garbage too. To help minimize our footprint, we try and get plastic that is held on paper rolls instead of plastic. Additionally, we save most of the scrap plastic that would ordinarily be thrown away. When we have enough, we're hoping to purchase a machine that'll melt it down into new rolls of plastic for us to use!

We hope you enjoy our shop! Thanks for stopping by!

-Tim and May
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Handmade Store: The3DPrintingMan

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All items will ship within a week of purchase. All items are sent via USPS.

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Return only within: 7 Days
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We accept refunds on non-personalized items only. Anything that arrives broken or damaged will be replaced free to charge, please just contact us within 7 days of receiving the item.

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