Reach New Heights

with iCraft's NEW
Sales Boost Program!

We know that sales can be the most difficult part of running a business, between figuring out where to put your marketing budget, how to competitively price your products and what keywords to use to improve your SEO, it can be a headache to figure out on your own. Especially when what you are passionate about is the creative side, we get it! So why not focus just on that? That's right, just on the creative!

With our NEW Sales Boost Program, backed by a team of marketing professionals, this idea can become a reality. With no advertising cost to upfront our Sales Boost Program is a truly unique opportunity. (Информация по-Русски)

Open to All
iCraft Sellers

Nothing to Lose. No Cost to You.

Professional Marketing Support

Potential for New Sales

How The NEW Sales Boost Program Works


Anyone from iCraft can apply! Simply agree for your products to be considered for our marketing program.


We will need you to agree for us to make modifications to improve your product listings and, if needed, we will contact you for further product information. We'll even improve your titles, descriptions, keywords and English translation to make your products completely optimized to sell.


You set the minimum price that you want to receive for your product. We'll try to sell them at a higher price, which means more money for you. This allows us to test custom marketing offers and discounts to see which works the best to boost your sales.


When a sale is made, you will receive an email from us notifying you to fulfill the order.


We take a flat 30% of each sale that goes through our marketplace.
Once we receive the funds, you receive your portion from us.

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Sales Boost Program Benefits

You Focus on Creating, We Focus on Your Sales
  • There is nothing to lose and it is no cost to you.
  • We pay to advertise select products and we only get paid when you get paid.
  • You may make more money on each item you sell.
  • Potential for new sales from category cross-promotion.
  • You only need to know your own products.
    Once we've updated and included your items in the Sales Boost Program, we just ask that you promote these links on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts.

Sales Boost Program Product Selection Criteria

Stores must have exceptional products - unique high-quality art and crafts.

Price point - $40 USD and higher. You can combine your products into product sets, posted as individual listings, to meet this criteria

Products with the stunning high-resolution images.

Products that you can ship worldwide.

Not required, but nice to have:

  1. Ideally, these products should be available for custom orders or reproducible (if you sell your original item, you should be able to reproduce this item once the new order is received). Customer will be informed that they have to wait to get the item reproduced or custom-made for them.
  2. Items that will be exclusively sold through our marketplaces (not sold on any other marketplaces, like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay etc).
  3. Items that come with a story that buyers would appreciate (unique techniques used, legends or cultural references etc).

Please Note:

We cannot guarantee results, however the opportunity for sales will increase at no additional cost to you for those products that are chosen to participate.

We will inform you if your products were sold directly as a result of our Sales Boost Program and if a refund situation occurs, we will refund our commission in addition to the seller refund (subject to proof of return). Shipping is not included in product pricing nor commissions for this program.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to learn more about this program.