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Handmade clothing for babies, children and Moms. I can sew quality handmade clothing and accessories.

Handmade Store: Rozzissweetpeas

Hello, my name is Rozzi and I love to sew. Been sewing since the age of 5 and have been doing it every since. I love the whole creative process from thought to finish, the end product always brings me joy. Sewing is an extension of myself and I dream in fabrics and color choices..yep it's even in my dreams. i have always sewn for my family and love to give gifts away. I find myself making something extra with all my sales..just because i love to.

My influences are nature mostly. I love the way colors and shapes harmonize, like a lady bug for instance. Red and Black can scream Danger, but with a Lady Bug it is more playful and Notice Me. The black dots on red seems to be less threatening than a Black background with red dots would appear. I really LOVE ROMANTIC..flowing, graceful, lace, white,'s all beautiful to me. Trying to blend this timeless beauty with now is a challenge that I am working on now. Blending the now fabrics with the Romantic shapes or blending Romantic fabrics with now shapes. It is all FUN to me.

My goal is to bring something truly amazing to children's boutique, not just loud fabrics sewn together with no rim or reason as I've tried to do in the past. But, I'd like to make a signature that is all my own, something that everyone will recognize as Rozzi"s Sweet Peas when they see it. I want to always be known as 'that really good quality shop" the one that has the best to offer. With these goals, mass production would not work so I am trying to get known as the One Of A Kind Shop where I sell only one of something and you know that no one else will have that outfit. Kind of Exclusive.
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Handmade Store: Rozzissweetpeas

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