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all around crafts/mostly knit and crochet

All around crafts/mostly knit and crochet

Handmade Store: Reuse Resist Creations

My story is simple, yet to me there are so many complexities that I could fill a book.

To start off, I am a mother of three amazing kids. That's where I'd say this journey began. I left my job to pursue being a full time parent and as most full time parents know, as much as we love our kids there is a huge need to have some "me time". Eventually I found it.

My best friend decided one day to hand me a bag of her spare yarn and encouraged me in her own way to take up crochet. Being an open minded person, I took the bag and did some homework on how to crochet. Well, weeks passed and the bag sat around in my room, then my son had his first day of kindergarten, then I got pregnant with kiddo number 2 and then more family drama. Eventually, while sitting and watching a movie (Probably a horror movie, knowing me.) I decided to pick up the hooks I had also purchased eons ago and give it a go. Well, how does the saying go? I was HOOKED from there!

After some time and yet another baby, I took on knitting and although I am much slower at it, I still find it just as satisfying at the end of a project. This year I began dusting off my mom's hand me down sewing machine and hope to teach my daughter soon.

With piles of beanie hats, head bands, scrunchies, scarves and more projects just sitting in bins and many friends and family members encouraging me to sell my work, I've decided to start Reuse/Resist Creations. The premise of the store is just in the title. I have a bit of a problem with simply sending slightly damaged articles of clothing to the trash nor seeing clothing being sold for a profit at a larger entity such as Good Will. There's a satisfaction in recreating something as your own or even just simply donating your items to charity.

The name Reuse/Resist is also a play-on-words in reference to a heavy metal line which is also a love of mine.

So there you go! My mini story within a story. I'm excited to share my journey and my work with you all!

Peace/Love/Rock On!
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Handmade Store: Reuse Resist Creations

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