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Jewelry and accessories

Handmade Store: omglia

My shop specializes in cute, funky, and provoking items. Every purchase comes packaged with a *complimentary appreciation gift!*
I will do custom items. To contact me please feel free to email me at
Q: Do you sell wholesale or on consignment:
A: Yes. Email me and tell me what you're interested in, and I'll give you a price quote.

Q: I don't have a Paypal. Can I still purchase an item?
A: Yes! Email me at for an address where you can send concealed cash, checks, or money orders.

Q: I don't have pierced ears! How can I enjoy your amazing earrings?
A: I am happy to convert ANY of my earrings to clip-on backs at NO additional charge! To request this, please Email Me at before or shortly after paying for your purchase.

Q: Is it true you give a free gift with every order?
A: Yup. I call it a "complimentary appreciation gift." What it means is that I always toss in a little freebie to show my appreciation for your support. The freebie might be anything: I've included a piece of candy, a ring, a hair clippie and even whole pair of earrings before!

Q: Who are you and how are you running this cool business all by yourself?
A: You can read all about me on my bio page. But in short, my name is Lia, and I am an 18 year old college student who loves to make things!

Q: I think you are simply amazing and want to help support and promote you. How can I help?
A: You're too kind. The best way to help is to wear your purchases from me and tell EVERYONE where you got them! Word of mouth is the best kind of promotion you can do for me! In addition, you can visit the Link Me page for lots of banners with easy copy and paste codes that you can put on your myspace page, blog, LJ, and website. You can also Email Me your address to recieve business cards which you can hand out on the street or include in your own mailed packages.

Q: I have my own small crafting site and need some exposure. Can you help?
A: Absolutely! I love doing link exchanges, and I will gladly feature you on my site if you'll do the same for me. I also love handing out promos like business cards or little freebies with my packages, and if you would like to send me some please Email Me at so I can give you my address.

Q: What kind of packaging can I expect to receive?
A: I use 100% recycled paper bubble mailers. I use recyled wrapping around the item: tissue paper or wrapping paper from gifts I've received, a pretty bag from a store, some leftover fabric, etc. Then I toss in a freebie and some business cards! If your package is going to be a gift for somebody, PLEASE tell me so I can package accordingly and save you some time/effort!

I'm 18 years old and a freshman at Mount Holyoke college. I'm a feminist, politically active, and environmentally/socially concious and I try to incorporate these mentalities into my work. I prefer to recycle everything -- much of my jewelry is made from recycled jewelry! I also refuse to use items of harm such as gun charms or cigarette charms in my jewelry, and I never buy supplies from sweatshop laborer-produced markets or otherwise sketchy stores (so no to Wal Mart, yes to local and handmade!)

I've been knitting for five years for fun, moving from scarves to hats to a huge patternless teddy bear (my pride and joy, the boyfriend still cuddles with it at night). I like to sew -- mostly reconstructions from other shirts. I like to cover things in duct tape. I love making bright colorful plastic jewelry. I consider craft-making an art to be honed skillfully and look forward to learning more!

I am entirely against creating boring things. I love using colorful beads, yarns, and fabrics, and especially love stripes and polka dots! Even my hair is half pink.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky when I'm not at college in Massachusets. I am open to custom orders and swaps, just contact me!

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ANNNNNND MY NEW DOMAIN (only it isn't complete just yet)
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Handmade Store: omglia

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If you can send me a picture that the item is broken or in some other way defaulted, then I will send you a full refund. If you would rather exchange, then we can do that instead.

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