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Mindful matters is exactly how the last few years of my life have been. Let me first start off by introducing myself my name is Danielle and I am a 37 year old single mother of five being a mother of five is exhausting and that & not even counting the fact of it being a one-parent household only makes life a little bit more intense. Being a mom and dad became unbearable, and that was only a portion of what I was going through. Working long hours just enough to make ends meet, leaving the children to raise themselves got to be too much to. Also what made life a little bit more difficult was all the labels that I had going throughout life being labeled emotional, bipolar and weird and those are only to name a few those labels didn't well with me I started doing some meditating some research. Upon meditating and research I started finding answers during that time I started gravitating towards crystals and again doing more research why cause I'm the why guy! At this point I started to connect the dots I started learning more about healing vibration well will say the metaphysical world and I did not look back! I learned that I can have it all that I can find a balance I do not have to work all those hours out of my house for someone else for some corporate stream know all that energy all that energy I could use towards me being emotional put that towards my own home the actions that caused me to be labeled bipolar use that energy to connect to my higher self and being that weirdo I took that energy and turn that energy into understanding with all this new growth and all this new understanding why I leave my kids to continue to raise themselves why give me a way to no-factors! I didn't have to I said no I don't want to work for someone else I want to help people I don't want my children to raise themselves I want to raise my children so I had to find the balance and after meditating I came to realize that I can help the people people to evolve to while being home and raising my children I found my balance I started thinking of my roadblocks and what will keeping me from achieving my desires and how much they mattered take time to be with it sit with it because if it was on my mind it does matter and then learning that I can create at work with these beautiful treasures and heal as well as navigate from day-to-day while that was awesome two birds with one stone help people raise my children and do what I love as I stated before about the emotional and mental health it really does hit home cuz it changed my life to the outside world I am on way but through meditation and crystals in the past 12 months have done more than any therapist or gossiping with friends could do in years so with all that being said for every item sold a dollar of that will go to some type of Mental Health I will give it to I will give it to these organizations to help with the awareness that it is okay to not be okay to be in that moment and find out what's really ginoing on and have true healing from the core!
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