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Drayton Valley, AB, Canada

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I upcycle sheets, material and yarn to make rag rugs

I upcycle sheets, material and yarn to make rag rugs

Handmade Store: Jhaast Diverse Designs

Welcome to my store!!

ESSENTIAL OIL CHARMS - Now available are my handmade homemade Essential Oil Charms.

Place 1-2 drops of your favorite EO on the unfinished side of the charm. Rub the oil into the charm with your finger, let dry then wear or hang for continuous aroma.

Open ended Charms are left that way so you can make them your desired length when hanging in your car or window or anywhere there is free flowing air.

The charms with the closed ends are made to be worn as necklaces but can be placed wherever you desire. *The closed end necklaces are not suitable for children as they do not have quick release.*
I will be making some with a magnetic closure soon that would be suitable for children aged 10+.

When wearing the charms as necklaces place the oiled side to your skin for all day continuous fragrance.

I use one charm for when I have a cold or cough and create my own feel good mix of EO.

I use another one for a variety of my favorite EO singles or mix to create my favorite feel good blend.

Add more oil to the charms as needed. If you add too much EO and saturate the front and back of the charm the oil may damage the finished side. 1-2 drops is sufficient up to a medium sized charm. The larger charms can hold 3-4 drops.


RAG RUGS - I love to put colors and designs together to create a rag rug your eyes and toes will love...

Pets also find them comfy to lay on.

I carefully select gently used sheets, duvet covers and material, sanitize them, cut them into strips then create the rag rug.
Most are made of fabric but some are made of yarn or a fabric and yarn mix.

Upcycle - to re-use and re-purpose old stuff into something new and useful.
Saving the land fill one sheet at a time!

I upcycle all kinds of stuff but my main focus is on the rag rugs. My rag rugs are created in a smoke free, pet friendly home. When I finish a rug it is cataloged, placed in a new plastic bag (that can be recycled) and then placed in a room that is smoke free & pet free.
Then the rag rug waits to be delivered to it's new home!!

Thank you for visiting my store!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at jhaastdiversedesigns@gmail.com
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Handmade Store: Jhaast Diverse Designs

General Shipping Policy:

Local deliveries only at no charge If you would like something mailed within Canada please contact Holly at jhaastdiversedesigns@gmail.com for shipping quote. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail Holly at jhaastdiversedesigns@gmail.com

Returns & Refunds:

Material weights and sizes can cause imperfections that give the rag rugs their characteristic look and feel.
Rag Rugs will flatten out after some use.
If you have any concerns about your rug please email me at jhaastdiversedesign@gmail.com
Thank you

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Personal cheque,

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.