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Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade Store: Inkyfingers Papercrafting

Welcome! Iím so glad youíre here!

Inkyfingers cards can brighten a birthday, comfort someone struggling, or convey your sincere thanks and appreciation to someone who made your life a little (or a lot) better. Inkyfingers cards are here for you to express love, support, sympathy, gratitude, celebration, joy, and so much more!

In a world of mass-produced items and electronic communications, sending a handmade card lets the people in your life know just how special they are to you. And right now, when so many of our in-person interactions are reduced or even eliminated altogether, those little moments are even more important. Our unique, handmade cards will help you connect with those you care about, even when they're far away.

Iíve been making cards and other papercrafted products since early 2010. In the last ten years, it's become increasingly obvious to me that crafting is a VITAL part of what keeps me sane and healthy. I love the creative process, from designing a card, to fine-tuning its layout, to choosing the colours and theme, to adding those perfect finishing touches. Most of all, I love knowing that the cards I create bring joy not only to me, but to those who send and receive them.
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Handmade Store: Inkyfingers Papercrafting

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