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B-grrrl Riot (a.k.a. Brandy L. Blessing) was established in 1979 in Charm City Maryland. She always had a creative calling throughout the years. Her love for jewelry-making began at the age of six when she started making friendship bracelets from colorful floss for her friends.

She is inspired by: American Indian, Eskimo and Japanese culture, riot grrrl, DIY ethics, street and body art, the color yellow, Blythe dolls, punk-rock and hearts. She believes in staying true to your passions, making your own mold, and then breaking out of it. B-grrrl’s style of jewelry is like a love affair between Tank Girl & Marie Antoinette; edgy, colorful and urban, yet feminine, lacy and cute. She believes womyn embody a variation of characteristics and styles; this belief is reflected in her designs.

B-grrrl currently lives in Maryland with her tattoo artist husband and kitties. She studies English and writing at the University Of Maryland Baltimore County while running Indy Grrrl Productions. She is also the co-owner of Primal Aesthetics, LLC, a new school body art studio opening in Maryland.


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