What Admin Hold means

As you know, we review all products listed on iCraft for quality, uniqueness and presentation. We also check if the products posted are all handmade and meet our Submission Criteria. We reserve the right to remove any item from the site that is not in compliance with the above mentioned criteria.

When we have doubts about all or most of the products from the same store, we place the whole store on the "Admin Hold". That means that the store owner can't remove this hold. All products from such stores will be removed from the site, until the store owner contacts us and resolves the issue that caused his store to be removed from the site.  

Here is the example of the message that we place on the My Account page for the store owner to see.

Sample Message for Admin Hold.

This measure is meant to be temporary and only used when we strongky believe the the store owner violated our rules and email notifications.

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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