All my products are Custom made. How should I post them?

We understand that you might not have all products available. Its hard to store too many products at home, as some of us have limited space for storage. Also, some products rely on customazation and can't be made ahead of time.

You can post products on our site that you can reproduce, once you receive an order.
Such products should be posted with quantity "0 / Sold", but you'd have to check an option indication that your product is "Available for Custom Orders" on the product details page and add your instructions for the buyer below on what kind of information you are expecting from them, like size, color etc.


Custom Orders setup

Users would still have to pay for your products upfront, but at least, their expectation will be that you are making the product for them and that’s why it’s taking longer to receive it.

Please also make sure to mention your turnaround time in the product description field.

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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May 20, 2020 | Unique Night Lights

I can only add 4 items, what am I doing wrong????