Helpful Hints for Describing your Store

When it comes to describing your Store:

  • Be creative; DON'T be inappropriate.
  • Be cautious when considering posting personal information, like email, phone number or address. We are already providing people with a way to contact you without registration.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Focus on you and your craft. That's what this page is about and that's why people visit it.
  • Don't clutter your store description with social media and personal site URLs, and other irrelevant copy.
    All irrelevant copy on the page deludes your SEO optimized copy and takes away from the main focus of your page.
  • Do not capitalize text excessively, nor use special unreadable characters, like stars, hearts or foreign language characters. Google robots and external aggregators, like Twitter & Facebook, choke on those.

General Guidelines: Your personalized store (e.g. page allows you to showcase your unique merchandise. You're able to include logos, prices, descriptions and photos. Your store profile should be written in a first-person style, from your perspective. It will serve as a virtual “introduction” to better acquaint you and your work to interested buyers.

Store Name: Your Store Name should be your name, your company name or a nickname that people know you by online. Think of
a name users would use to search for you online. Store Name is used in creating your page Title, which makes it  important from SEO perspective.

Specialty: This field may be used to indicate your artistic craft. Use a few descriptive keywords that describe what you do and keep it short. Specialty field is also used in creating your page Title, which makes it important from SEO perspective.

Store Announcement: If you are new, use this field to welcome shoppers to your new store, otherwise you can use this field for Announcing Sales, Vacation Times, Upcoming Shows where people could buy your items etc.

Store Intro (Description): This is your place to shine! Tell the world your story, how you were first inspired, your influences, inspirations
and dreams. Mention your design specialty, a favorite quote, or an inspiring idea. Whatever you include, the key is to make it interesting, informative, and compelling. You and your products are one of a kind – tell us why!

Editing: Profiles may be edited for both content and length at the discretion of staff.

Here is one example of a good Store Name and Store Description with important Keywords incorporated in both.

Knitting Lady - good example of keywords use.

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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Mar 20, 2022 | Store 31744

How do I edit my announcement

Nov 18, 2020 | Cherry Bead Wear

I need to edit my store announcement. How can I do this?

Apr 11, 2017 | Casa de Noriega

This information is useless unless it matches the New Shop page. Please contact me!