I have Questions about a Product. Who do I Contact?

Any product related questions, like questions related to size, colors, materials used, care instructions, taxes, shipping charges etc. should be directed to the seller of that product.

Look for "Contact Seller" link on the product or store pages.
Here is an example of the the "Contact Seller" link on the product details page.

Link to Contact Seller on Product Details page.

Here is where you can find  "Contact Seller" link on the individual store pages.

Contact Seller link on Stores.

If you like a product, but would like it in a different color, size or made with some modifications, look for the "Request Custom" button on the product details page. Many creators on the site are offering that option.

Please note that all sellers on iCraftGifts.com setup their own Shipping, Return and Payment Policies. Make sure you read those carefully and don't hesitate asking our sellers questions. 


 Return Policy
 Payment Methods

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2012


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