Frequency of Updates & Suspended Accounts

Surprised girl in a cute hat.There are a lot of benefits to sellers who check on their stores and update their products frequently.

  • We promote new and updated products in our monthly newsletters, Homepage Banner, under New & Updated section and on other pages throughout the site;
  • We also feature active sellers in our "In the Spotlight" blog column;
  • All new and updated products are being pushed to the top of the Search Results giving them more visibility on the site;
  • We also automatically submit those products to our Twitter, Facebook and Google Merchant accounts, bringing additional traffic to those pages.

We want to make sure that the site visitors are not exposed to old products that may have been sold already elsewhere. For thatreason we display "Seller's Last Login Date" on all product pages.

Since not all products require constant updates, all we ask is that our sellers, at least, sign-in into their account to check on their products, even without making a single change. Seller's inactivity negatively impacts their store, as it gives buyers an impression that that store is abandoned. Buyers will not risk buying from such stores.

If stores are not being visited in more than 3 months we start sending sellers of those stores monthly reminders asking them to sign-in and update some of their products.

To protect our buyers, we remove "Buy Now" button from all products, whose owners didn't sign-in on iCraft in more than 6 months. Instead, people will see a message instructing them to contact the Seller through an email to find out if those products, that they like, are still available for sale. 

After a year of inactivity we may place all products and stores on hold. Sellers can still activate them by signing into their accounts.

After two years of inactivity, we may permanently delete those neglected stores from our system.

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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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