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Beautiful Handcrafted Soaps, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Handmade Store: HeatherRai

Welcome to BeautifulSoaps

Creating pure and natural soap and body products is by far my most exciting hobby. My favorite bars of soap are pure bars made with essential oils, clays, herbs, butters, beautiful fragrances, and sometimes beer. I love them all, so you'll find a little bit of everything in here.

How wonderful the honeybee is in all of his glory! Not only does he have a built in compass in the form of his antennae to build his comb in a perfect hexagon shape, he locks in all that sweet honey, he 'caps' it all in with pure beeswax. And that's what my candles are made of. I love beeswax! All beeswax candles are made to order and ship one within one week of purchase.

When I get time I also like to bead. Beading will always remain my first love. It was when I (who can't even draw a strait line) realized I too can create! It's hard to imagine a world without beads. I guess that's why they've been traded and used as currency for so long. I've decided to lay my original shop "HeatherRai" to rest and am listing all of 'me' and my many, many handmade creations here.

I'm convo friendly, enjoy custom orders and sometimes like to trade. Please make yourself at home feel free to say hi!

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Handmade Store: HeatherRai

Returns & Refunds:

Due to the nature of handmade soap I'm not able to accept returns. Please read the listed ingredients and feel free to send me a message if you've got any questions :-)

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Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.