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The centipede pit viper is one of the ninth sons of the dragon in ancient Chinese mythology. Good water is also known as a water repellent beast, which has a dragon like head but is flatter than a dragon's head. It has a diagonal head, dragon scales on its body, four legs, and a tail.
It is said that a long time ago, the ancestors of venomous snakes were transported to Earth and imprisoned under a huge and heavy turtle shell, guarding canals for 1000 years. Thousands of years later, the ancestors who sought refuge in water beasts finally gained freedom and liberated themselves from turtle shells. In order to commemorate and dedicate their contribution to protecting the river, people carved stone statues based on their appearance and placed them on stone piers by the river, saying that this can stabilize the river and save the flood It symbolizes all-round peace and has good water properties. When repairing a bridge, it should be placed at the top or main body of the bridge. Its mouth is large and can hold a large amount of water in its stomach, so it is often used as a drainage outlet in buildings. Another legend states that a person can swallow a river and discharge rainwater, responsible for discharging rainwater. In ancient Chinese classic palace buildings such as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, it is common to swallow rivers and discharge rainwater. Seeing its snake like shape, it has loved to be in water for many years and is also known as the sail centipede. It drinks a lot of water and likes to eat water monsters. It is said to be the favorite son of the Dragon King.
It measures 19.5 * 10 * 8CM in length, width, and height, and weighs 1KG.

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Crafts, stone carvings, dragon shaped ornaments, dragons

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