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Handmade Store: dandruff

Datashe Personality House, I often have a lot of fancy ideas and want to show them with my own hands. Here you can find unique items. If you have such an experience, welcome to come here, we want to create, discuss together, show wonderful things with our own hands, share joy and happiness with friends and family, let everyone know our specialties, and let family feel for you Pride can also enrich your life, feel the joy brought by creation, and then bring happiness to all the good friends around you. I am here waiting for you, dear friends. . . . .
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Handmade Store: dandruff

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We do not accept unreasonable returns, because this is a hand-made thing, if the product is defective, please contact me to explain, we will make changes after returning the product, so please look after it before placing an order, thank you

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