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wire wrap artist

Wire wrap artist

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I have always loved playing with stones, as I grew up there was an evolution from carrying rocks in my pockets, to wearing others jewelry, then wanting it my way and now I have made more jewelry than one person (and my friends and family) can wear. I've gone from feeling shocked when the first person offered to buy the necklace I was wearing, to 11 years of making jewelry later, I still enjoy the look of delight, when someone finds exactly what they want. I've also had the privilege of creating a significant pieces of jewelery (graduation, engagement, a secret ring for a husband to give his wife right after she had their first child). I've had the chance to share some of the most joyful times in peoples lives.

If a piece of jewelry on my site calls your name, or we work together to make the piece you want, but have never found, thank you, my goal is to bring joy to you, and remember the beauty of the components (from sand to glass and crystal to the beauty of gems, even the metals I use started deep in the Earth. I wish you joy and hope wearing my jewelry strengthens your awareness of your own beauty

I am way ahead on new products, way behind on photos will be adding new pieces as fast as I can

Most frequently asked question 'what is gold fill" the outer 20% of the metal is 14K gold the inner core is red jewelers brass. Sears catalog around the turn of the century started selling gold fill wedding rings to the middle class, who at that time could rarely afford solid gold. Almost all of these rings never wore through the gold to the jewelers brass, the exceptions were women and men who wore their rings while doing very abrasive work i.e. washerwomen (remember scrub boards?) miners, and other types of extreme work, as rings are the jewelry that receive the hardest wear you can be confident in wearing your piece and being able to pass it down to your children
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Handmade Store: caralyn forstar

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Return only within: 30 Days
Refund: Exchange Only
if your new piece fails due to my mistake I will -consider repair/exchange free for 3 months. If years later your favorite piece has problems I will repair for a fee(limited to pieces I made). I will pay shipping back to you, if you pay to send it in, after I have agreed to exchange/repair If you are not happy I am not happy, lets work together to make it right. . . I need know each piece is a source of the joy each person needs and deserves in your life .let me know if you would like a similar piece with whatever changes different stone, wire, larger, smaller, let me know what fits you,when we are both happy I have done what I want to do.

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