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Signature Tee Le Bella Couture is an online girls’ boutique company dedicated to creating fun, chic and sophisticated one-of-a-kind outfits for the special little girl on your life.

The company is very family focused. One of the designers, Esther Cepeda, got the inspiration for the pillowcase dresses when she was pregnant. Unable to work, she says she wanted to make fun and memorable outfits for her new daughter. Not only that, the company was named in memory of her daughter’s beloved Shih Tzu dog, Bella, who recently passed away.

Maria Christina Hernandez, the company’s other designer, says that Le Bella Couture is not a job but a hobby she gets paid for. It may have started as a hobby, but the two are determined to build this boutique company into something that has a sound financial footing, so that they can work on it full time.

The dresses are handmade, created using a sewing machine, an embroidery machine and a serger.

Oscar the Grouch Tutti Fruitti Polka Dot Pillowcase Dress Esther and Maria carefully select fabrics to coordinate and stand out, and create simple dress designs that they can be adjusted to accommodate various lengths and widths, ensuring that you to get the perfect size for your child.

Both Esther and Maria are constantly on the lookout for new ideas for the dresses. They review colouring books, visits toy stores and watches television and cartoons to get a feel for what best interest children. For example, they created dresses that feature various Sesame Street characters, such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Oscar the Grouch. Those character designs are paired with colourful fabrics, to create eye-catching clothes that a child would feel comfortable in and parents would feel good about.

Recently, the company introduced a new line of one tone fabric dress, with stylish ribbon ties, to make classic, but stunning, dresses girls will love. Esther is thrilled with these dresses. “I am a big fan of animal prints, so I have to say that the animal heart dress is one of my favourites.”

Hearts Flowers n Zebras Pillowcase Dress.Maria is a big fan of the baby booties, hats and hair accessories, which will soon become available in their store. Of course, she does most of the crocheting herself, so she admits to being a little biased. Most of her inspiration, she says, comes from seeing the finished dresses and wanting to make the perfect accessories to complete the look.

More than anything, they are thrilled to be able to create marvellous outfits, full of pizazz, which will catch everyone's attention. Having sold locally for a while, they have gotten a lot of compliments about the outfits. “Little girls love the fun designs, and they really like to show them off,” says Esther. “We enjoy seeing them twirl around in the dresses.”
“Our customers say that they love how unique our outfits are, and how different they are from what they can purchase in the stores,” adds Maria. “Their children love wearing them so much they don’t want to take them off.”

Red Swiss Dots with Zebra Pillowcase Dress  The two crafters have been showing their products at craft shows for years, and only started selling online recently. The impetus to do this came from their accountant and assistant, Susan, who saw that taking Le Bella Couture online would gain the company a large number of fans for their unique designs, and also give them the opportunity to sell internationally.

“We are thrilled to have opened our doors online and look forward to serving your needs. We look forward to hearing from you,” says Esther.

Le Bella Couture is very pleased to be part of the iCraft family, and Esther, Maria and Susan invite you to visit their store on iCraft and at to learn more about their products.

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