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I recently had a chat with someone who came into my office, which I found rather depressing. She complained that her children "weren't going to have Christmas this year" unless she did her shopping at the local dollar store. I thought to myself.... "Seriously???"

Dollar stores. Have you ever taken note of the smell in most of those places? Take a whiff! It's the smell of "Hello I'm Toxic!" Toxic when I was made, toxic when your kids play with me, and toxic for the next several hundred years after you lose interest in me. Well, okay, that's what I imagine them saying anyway.

Handmade gifts, on the other hand, never use such bad language! Because they don't have to!

There are just so so so many ways to give gifts for whatever holiday or occasion you've got in mind, without the need for any dollar store shopping, or any whining! In fact it's fun. I don't have to tell you how much better you feel when you've chosen something truly special to give. And if you're looking to do a little creating yourself, here are 3 super inexpensive, fun homemade gifts I've got in the works this year:

1. If you can knit a scarf, you can knit a placemat! I made a set last year that turned out just great, and they're really just very short, wide scarves if you think about it! Just be sure to use a stitch that won't curl, and add some decorative touches like fringe or tassels, or beads, to the sides.

2. Get an orange and poke whole cloves into it, until it's completely covered and just looks like a ball of cloves. Make a ribbon hanger for it and voila! My mom used to do that when we were little. It smells SO good, and lasts practically forever. And your clove-poking thumb will definitely heal by the holidays. (Use a thimble!) 

3. I've always thought it would be great to can like a madman in the summer and fall, and have a freezer full of treats for everyone to enjoy all year round. Somehow, this didn't happen again this year. But I am going to do some preserving still. Traditional canning is too daunting, especially with a toddler. So I'm going to buy loads of organic, local apples and simply freeze the homemade applesauce in glass jars. If you add a square of pretty cloth under the screw band, ta-da! It's a festive (and delicious) gift!  


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