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Handmade Store: BearHands has more of my items posted there. Please come check me out.

☮&♥Thank you everyone for being so patient while I was away and for coming back so quickly. I am forever grateful to everyone for your support and interest. Thank you!!.:*?♥?*:.
?.??.*??) ?.*?)
(?.? (?.`~{ Welcome to Bear Hands Quality Corner if this is your first time here. I'm so happy you arrived. I am always adding new things to my shop here on Etsy. I love to create and use my imagination. I change with the seasons and with my moods! I am slowly filling up my store. I have a lot to add and it's all very different. Please don't let the patchwork scare you away if that's not your style because I have something for everyone.
I often close up my Etsy site because I also take on large wholesale and custom orders for special stores in the Northwest, but have made it possible to handle both for now:)
!!Everything is Designed and Handmade By Me!!
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Each purchase from my 'Backpacks' Section always receives a free padded bag or mini id pouch!
All my fabrics,
which I collect compulsively,
have a story, a feeling, or a memory for me.
Using my fabrics to make baggage just makes sense.
My hope is that you connect with a bag,
.............................make it your own
.............................carry it with you
.............................wherever you find yourself.

***CUSTOM ORDERS: Because I am busy filling wholesale orders, I am not taking any custom orders at this time.

My profile and policies have more info about my shop.

Please check out my FEEDBACKS!
Thank you everyone for your support and interest!!☮
♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪
After this last move I contacted a few people to let them know I was reopening Etsy, I am truly sorry if I did not get back to you or send you my closing and opening news. My hats, tops, and other items I usually offer will be coming back soon. If you have something in mind you remember from before please let me know and I will do the best I can:)

I have years of experience in creating and teaching. I use to teach classes at a Craft Store. Now I hold classes in my shop for anyone interested, and am happy to teach friends new hobbies and techniques. I still have fun learning, exploring and creating new things, so I invite you to look!

Quality and durability are two of my main goals, therefore I put a lot of extra time and care into my creations. I reinforce all my seams, even though it greatly increases production time, because the seams will last for years, not months. All appliques and patchwork are one of a kind, hand cut and heat bonded. All fabric has been prewashed in organic earth friendly laundry detergent, heat or air dried, and ironed before cutting. Many of my customers are still proudly wearing my first year creations and that is what I strive for.

I find it very important to respect and love our mother earth in everything I do, and make a strong effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible! Some of my creations use vintage or recycled materials, (will be stated in the description), I try not to waste a thing! (Be sure to check out my padded pouches, great for keeping your valuables safe!) There made of almost all recycled/ scrap materials. Plus I use all recycled packaging materials in shipping whenever possible for a happier, healthier planet!

A lot of love and care goes into each piece to make it as unique as you. I am constantly added new designs and patterns so please check back often.

Custom orders are welcome also!

Check out my pics at I get to go to some pretty cool places! Life is sweet.

A proud new member of Etsy For Charity,
and happy to say I just joined some other sweet teams.You can check out the blog at and! I love being involved and helping in anyway I can.

We might not think we could do anything to help or that we need help ourselves, but there will always be someone that has it easier then you & harder then you. We can always do something to help someone else & remember to count our blessings. Please pass this on:)

I love that Etsy is growing and cant wait to see what happens in the future for us all!

From a friends eye: BearHands backpacks, purses, clothing and accessories was created by a young lady with big dreams. She is the designer, seamstress, pattern maker, advertiser, photographer, and sometimes her own model. Her creative passions and unleashed drive for success has lead to quality products and precision in her workshop.
BearHands is always up for a challenge also!Recently she was asked by her brother to make him a tent. After 6 months of figuring and testing she has all the quirks out and he can be camping around the world in that sturdy thing! Good job girl!
BearHands also loves wholesale and custom orders. So if you're a store owner and would like a new hip line in your store she would love to send you her products for great prices! Or if you have an idea and can't seam to find the right item out there for you, she can turn that idea 3D and make it special just for you!
After lots of persuasion she is finally giving the computer world a chance and I think so far she's loving it! Everyone she's met in person just falls inlove with her work. It is reinforced, great sewing and design. From a close friends perspective, I believe all she needs is an outlet like the internet and the sky's the limit!


I am inlove with paypal and its quick confirmed payment system, but I also accept money orders and personal checks from US Residents only!

☆---Paypal accepts bank transfer, credit cards, atm cards, and checks.

I will only ship an item after the transaction is completed.


I enjoy the peace of mind I have found when I choose to ship my packages priority mail with the additional confirmation delivery.Each order includes a reciept and information about the product.

I usually use USPS" Priority/First class/Parcel Post...depending on the size & weight of the item)


I like to keep it simple when setting up rules for refunds and exchanges.

I have little or no experience with most cases but am learning as I go. I have only experienced one exchange in clothing that was a simple size change fix. But I have also experienced a lost package. That is not a fun position to be in on any end but the post office, the customer and I all worked it out together to find out what to do. I now have added a little to my shipping cost to help cover the cost of Confirmation Delivery. This helps me track my packages better and will be alerted when they are safely delivered or if they become lost or damaged.

Buying handmade clothing can be hard when it comes to sizing. Please look at the measurements closely and compare them to your own measurements or to an item of clothing in your wardrobe. If you have any questions about sizing please contact me. I am happy to give you more detailed measurements of the item at hand. I want all of my customers to be happy with their purchases and to be able to wear them for many moons to come.

With every unique situation I would like to handle it personally with the customer, to insure each person has enjoyable experiences when shopping at Bearhands Quality Corner.

If you purchase one of my items and are disatisfied in some manner, please contact me immediately. I am happy to exchange within 10 days of the sale and will process them quickly.

Additional Policies and FAQs;

WHOLESALE-I have only had great experiences with wholesale orders threw Etsy. My prices do decrease when quantity is ordered, and based on which items, colors, sizes, requirements, special requests, etc. that come with each unique order.


Custom orders are available. I am friendly :).... I'd love to discuss your project with you. I'm also VERY interested in customer feedback including any new design ideas you may have

Please feel free to leave suggestions, questions, or comments. I hope you enjoy shopping at Bear Hands Quality Corner, stay awhile, tell your friends and have a great day!
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Handmade Store: BearHands

Returns & Refunds:

Return only within: 14 Days
Refund: Exchange Only
I've never had an unsatisfied customer, but if for some reason you end up being my first I promise to find a way to make you happy! Please have real reasons to not like your product and not want to cancel your order because of lack of funds. Quality and reinforced seams for my peace of mind and yours is a promise here. If you have any further questions please contact me at Thank you.

Payment Methods:

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.