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Windsor, ON, Canada

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digital photocollage, greeting cards, artwork

Digital photocollage, greeting cards, artwork

Handmade Store: A Devils Apricot

Hello! Welcome to Devil's Apricot Designs and Les Voyages de Bonhomme Squelette!

I'm a laissez-faire paranoiac and cheerful pessimist, easily distracted by shiny things. Maker of items I hope you'll love to own or give as a gift. Thanks for visiting my shop!

When I'm not at my day job or making digital collages, I spend an inordinate amount of time making up fake Facebook applications and groups, which I eventually post in my blog. Just a sampling:

Laura became a fan of 4 of the 10 Commandments.

Laura added the “Secrets I’m not supposed to tell” funwall application.

Laura added the “Unaired episodes where Tweety and the Roadrunner both get eaten, but are first killed in a most gruesome manner” application.

Laura added the “Name that Taxi Smell” quiz application.

Laura added the “When you cry, you show you’re weak” application.

Laura added the “Magic 8 Ball Parenting Advice” application.

Laura became a fan of “Times you’ve been humiliated because you were caught humming a Sting song”.

Laura joined the group “People whose presence in the workplace requires staff to be medicated.”

Laura added the “Jig of Woe” application.

Laura added the “Suggest friends to people you know detest each other” application.

Laura added the “Pining for the Fjords” application.

(Please keep in mind the above is all meant in good fun. No one loses an eye here.)
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Bonhomme Squelette at Windsor's Summerfest, Greeting Card featuring Original Digital Photocollage
Bonhomme Squelette at Windsor's Summerfest,...
$5.00 CAD
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