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Luxurious Homemade Soap, Aromatic Potpourri and Soy Candles,Folkart and Whimsy!

Luxurious Homemade Soap, Aromatic Potpourri and Soy Candles, Folkart and Whimsy!

Handmade Store: Sweet Harvest Farms

Years of hard work and the love of creating has brought me to where I am now. I never realized that being able to offer the most Luxurious TRUE Handmade Soap (on the planet) would forever change my life. Using my own developed recipes, I have been able to touch people in a way I never thought possible. You would never think a simple bar of soap could make a difference in anyone's life but you only need read my Testimonial page on my website to realize that all soaps are not created equal. All Sweet harvest Farms products are earth-friendly and bio-degradable (Green) so they are as good for your environment as they are for you!

People inspire me. Having spent 20 yrs. in the medical field, I have learned that it is truly the little things that make others smile. It is the simple act of smelling an Aroma that can change your outlook for the day and touching skin that is soft and supple that can make someone hold on just a little bit longer. Its when I sit down after a long day thinking that I am spinning my wheels and don't think I can make one more batch of soap that I will receive an a special email. It could be from the cancer patient who raves about what my soap has done to alleviate the effects of chemo on their skin or the teenager whose face has all but cleared up using my acne bar.Even an email from the mother who was at her wits-end because her baby suffered from Eczema until she used my soap. My customers keep me going and they provide me with the initiative to continue developing recipes that will improve the condition of their skin.

My dreams are simple. To educate everyone on the dangers of what they put on their skin and what they DON'T put on their skin-but should. We are bombarded with chemicals in our environment everyday and our skin is our last defense. I am trying to change the way we treat ourselves. One simple bar at a time.
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Handmade Store: Sweet Harvest Farms

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